Rafael Kouto

The Moon Parade

The New Moon. Fluid transparent draped coat, Black
organza printed shirt with open sleeves and button up collar,
Black crinoline cap with satin flowers.

The Mask of Darkness

This collection takes inspiration from the evolution of the phases of the moon. It explores the phenomenon of the diffraction of light, from the deepest black to a blinding white. It will take you along a fantastic wandering, where you will meet shadows, dark silhouettes and stellar eclipses. A world of pale illusions looming and where silver shadows arise. A landscape unseen with human eyes, hidden  in the night and coming to light imminently. The mask of darkness is now unveiled, light shining so bright that it becomes impossible to make out day and night. The collection is a vision of a fascinating ideal, where bodies are illuminated by the timeless moonlight and reversed in tone. They are not from here and now. Staring at the moon, dreaming about how pure and sublime this very faraway island out in space might be. This kingdom is much closer than one would think. Admiring reflective surfaces is like going on a journey straight within oneself. Now that this is uncovered, stop looking elsewhere!

Wavering Fantastic Facets

The Young Moon. Draped cape
with reverse printed tulle lining and cotton jersey,
Printed transparent pleated tulle tank top.

Somber Silhouette Wander

The Waxing Crescent. Asymmetrical wool
printed vest and skirt, Straight ankle length black pants,
Black crinoline hat with satin flowers.

Endless Stellar Eclipse

The Waning Gibbous. Asymmetrical cotton jersey
printed sweatshirt with plastic ruffled hem and collar, Draped tunic,
White crinoline cap with satin flowers.

Bodies Reversed in Tone

The Waning Moon. Asymmetrical ensemble,
Satin double faille printed vest, Silkscreen printed shirt
with collar, White knee length shorts.

Arise Silver Shadow

The Half Moon. Symmetrical silk and jersey
printed vest, Transparent silkscreen printed shirt
with collar, White crinoline cap.

Brutalism of Dusky Phases

The Full Moon. Draped and fitted silk taffeta
embroidered shirt, Transparent off white plastic coat
with printed chiffon lining.

Shine On The Outline

Pale Illusions Loom

Rafael Kouto
Via Prati dei Vizi, 26
6616 Losone

For any enquiries and questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

2010 — 2014: Fashion design at FHNW-HGK, Academy of Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland
2015 — 2017: Fashion Matters at Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands

2012: Alexander McQueen
2014 — 2015: Maison Margiela
2015: Ethical Fashion Initiative, United Nations

Art Direction: Adventice Editions
Concept & Realization: Bonaventure & Niederhauser
Stylist assistant: Sherylin Birth
Make-up & Hair: Giulia Rossini
Model: Claude Baltensperger
Website code: Kevin Pedron